Wireframes for user testing

Storyboard to present findings of pain points during user testing


Brainstorming & Testing

Demandforce Recurring Campaigns

Role: Interaction Design, Testing & Prototyping
Target Audience: Small Business Owners
Launch Date: Ongoing

Project Details

One of the most important and some times underused features of the Demandforce applications is email campaigns as a source of promoting our customers’ businesses.
Our customers are not using this feature often so we came up with defining campaigns that they can just turn. These campaigns would  reoccur at specific times, for example Christmas Season, or if an action triggers it, like missing an appointment.

Example: Missed Appointments
If there is a no-show to an appointment the application automatically sends an email prompting customer to re-schedule an appointment with a button leading to the online scheduling tool.  This smart email would only be sent when an appointment is missed, our customer would turn it on and let it run, a set it and forget it easy tool.

To test if defining recurring email campaigns for our customers will impact the usage of this feature by triggering them to want to set up more email campaigns in order to bring more traffic to their businesses/clinics.

Secondary Goal
To gather as much feedback about pain points preventing users to send out campaigns.

Research Interviews
Before Designing and prototyping we gather feedback on existing campaign interface from customer interviews and defined most important usages for these campaigns. We also used pre-defined user archetypes to map needs and experiences.