About me

My passion is design.
I combine concept, art and research to shape information and interactive usability.

I am passionate about cultural expressions and human narratives, leading the intersection where design thinking and technology can improve human experiences and influence social change.


About me

I am a User Experience Design Strategist working on products that aim to solve problems for vulnerable populations. I joined the U.S Digital Service in 2016, an initiative by President Obama to bring Tech Industry’s expertise to improve the government services that are most needed and impact the most amount of people, such as Immigration, Education and Veteran Services.

Currently, I am part of a nimble team working closely with Agency and White House partners to improve tools that allow students, parents, administrators and borrowers have better access to the most needed Federal Student Aid Services.

In my pre-government life, I specialized in product conceptualizing and development, shipping interactive end-to-end experiences for over a decade in a wide array of consumer facing products for new brands as well as fortune 500 companies in robust agile teams, or with lean teams focused on user testing and data driven iterations. Concentrating on the user has been vital in creating intuitive, simple and always beautifully designed solutions. I have successfully deployed projects in a variety of fields including SAAS, fashion, education, human resources, and environmental conservation. The less successful projects have always been an important part of the pilot process of iterating.

When not designing, I have shared my passion for the creative process by teaching an Intro to User Experience Design class at the UC Berkeley Extension. I also relish navigating different creative urban spaces and ethnic dance practices.

I feel fortunate to have merged what I do with the causes I feel fervent about; I believe we solve problems by showing up and contributing our skills to creating effective digital technology to assist our users in their most crucial needs.