About me

My passion is design.
I combine concept, art and research to shape information and interactive usability.

I am a designer passionate about cultural expressions and human narratives, leading the intersection where design thinking and technology can improve human experiences and influence social change.


About Me

For over a decade I have designed websites, digital products and applications for well known brands as well as clients looking to develop a new brand.  I have played the creative role at startups as well as large companies in robust agile teams focused on user testing and data driven iterations. Concentrating on the user has been vital in creating intuitive, simple and always beautiful design solutions.  The more complex the system, the more involved I have been in the planning and architecture phase of the project. I feel fortunate to have collaborated wit sharp teams of researchers, developers, product leaders, marketers, and industry experts from whom I have gained a vast knowledge in deploying content-rich online media. My scope knows no bounds and I have successfully deployed projects in a variety of fields, including SAAS products, fashion, education, human resources, and environmental conservation. I am equally at home launching new brands, iterating on existing products and managing agile software projects.

A highly creative and imaginative thinker, I am passionate about design and carefully crafted tools. Hierarchy, color theory, cleanliness, beautiful visual language are essential in making interfaces inviting and engaging.  In every project I make some room for visual exploration, even where wearing my interaction designer hat I cannot turn off the artist in me and marry a delightful user experience with usability.

I graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Graphic Design & Fine Arts and earned a Masters Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU in 2006. My primary focus was developing community-oriented approaches to exploring new uses for communications technologies. Subsequently, I have advanced my skills and knowledge by working as both design and a user experience leader. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate on projects  that aim to apply design thinking in solving social, economic and environmental problems. I aspire to help lead memorable experiences and meaningful products that influence users in a positive way.